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Membership Befefits

WBOR Membership Benefits

ANTITRUST AWARENESS.  The Antitrust Compliance Program is a part of the National Association of REALTORS® legal maintenance program and has been adopted by the Wiregrass Board of REALTORS®.  The program provides members with a basic understanding of the Antitrust Laws, how they are or can be applied to the real estate industry, and how failure to be aware of their content can lead to litigation.

ARBITRATION SERVICE.  In our association, business disputes occasionally arise.  Rather than seeking expensive and time‑consuming civil action to settle disputes, members are encouraged to present their problems to arbitration.  The Professional Standards Committee is comprised of members familiar with real estate problems and can make equitable judgments based upon experience.

ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS.  REALTORS® are understandably proud of their Code of Ethics.  Written in 1916 as license law, this Code of Ethics carries business conduct above and beyond the requirements of the law.  However, it is of little use unless it is policed.  The Grievance Committee investigates complaints from the public or members.  If the Committee's investigation shows apparent violations of the Code of Ethics, the Professional Standards committee gives the member a full hearing.  Appropriate action will be taken against any member found in violation of the Code of Ethics.  This process is for the protection of the public as well as the REALTOR®.

ASSOCIATION OFFICE AND STAFF.  The Association staff continually strives to assist you in keeping information up‑to‑date and easily available and can be reached at 347-9614.  The Association communicates with the membership primarily through fax and email.  The Association office is located at 707 Glover Avenue and is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

AWARDS.  The Wiregrass Board of REALTORS® recognizes service and participation both in the Association and in the community by naming a REALTOR® of the Year.  The Hall of Fame honors members who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the Association and have accomplished much in the real estate industry.  NAR and AAR have many corresponding awards.  Details can be obtained at the Association Office.

COMMITTEES.  There are many active committees of the Wiregrass Board of REALTORS®. These committees are a vital part of the Association.  Committees are the backbone of the Association. Join a committee and get involved!

MEMBERSHIP MEETING.  On the second Thursday of each month the Association holds its General Membership Meeting.  Unless otherwise notified, the meetings are held at the Enterprise Country Club with the buffet opening at 11:30.  At these meetings we discuss Association business, have short programs, install new members and network.

CONVENTIONS ‑ AAR.  The Alabama Association of REALTORS® holds three meetings a year, including their annual convention in September.  The educational programs held in conjunction with the conferences and conventions are excellent.  These meetings are helpful and worthwhile for education alone, but the opportunity of getting to know your colleagues around the state must not be overlooked.

CONVENTIONS ‑ NAR.  The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® holds its National Convention in November and features major speakers or top government officials.  The education available to REALTORS® at these meeting is always of the very highest caliber.

COOPERATION BETWEEN REALTORS®Many professions envy this facet of our business.  It is a marvelous asset indeed, to be able to gather together for a common cause, that being the mutual benefit of sharing our listings and our knowledge.

EDUCATION COURSES.   The Wiregrass Board of REALTORS® continually offers courses for members Continuing Education requirements.  NAR's Institutes, Societies and Councils offer their courses all over the nation giving REALTORS® the opportunity to obtain a designation while acquiring CE credits.

LEGAL COUNSEL.  The Association retains legal counsel knowledgeable in real estate to protect and advise the Board of Directors on legal matters.  This is in addition to legal counsel retained by AAR and NAR.

LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATION- NATIONAL, STATE AND LOCAL.  It is critical that REALTORS® be kept informed of new laws and regulations regarding real estate and property ownership. It is equally important that you be represented.  The National Association has a full‑time legislative office and lobbyist in Washington, D.C.  They keep all Associations informed of pending legislation concerning real estate or rights of property ownership.  Rarely is anything discussed in the halls of Congress or in committee without representatives of the National Association being invited to provide input.  AAR has a full‑time lobbyist and Governmental Affairs Director in the Wiregrass through which you have ample opportunity to express your opinion on pending legislation.  The era of apathy toward government is over.  We must become aware of our government's actions, and to protect our free enterprise system we must speak up and be heard.

REALTORS® POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE ‑ RPAC.  RPAC is a non‑partisan, non‑profit group operated through both the State and National Associations by a Board of Trustees.  Candidates for state or national political office are carefully screened to determine if their interests are sympathetic to the objectives of the real estate industry.  Members are encouraged to make donations to RPAC.  Local Sharing Funds are distributed through the Governmental Affairs Committee.  Funds are allocated by the State RPAC Trustees for state legislators based on recommendations from the local Associations.  The NAR RPAC Board of Trustees allocates Federal RPAC money.

LIAISON WITH OTHER GROUPS.  The Association offers Affiliate Membership to individuals and companies that are closely allied with the real estate industry, such as Title Companies, Savings and Loans, Mortgage Bankers, Real Estate Attorneys, etc.  The Association also works to build a close working relationship and promote communication between REALTORS® and organizations like the Homebuilders, Public Utilities, the Alabama Real Estate Commission, and local government 

LIBRARY.   The largest real estate library in the world is located at National Headquarters in Chicago and it is available to you free of charge.   If you need any particular write or call the Librarian, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, 430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611, 312/329‑5960, and outline your problem.  Their staff will research the problem for you and send you the appropriate materials.

The ALABAMA REALTOR®.  This bimonthly publication brings current information from the State organization to you.

REAL ESTATE TODAY.   This publication from the National Association is mailed to all members monthly. REALTOR® News is a semi‑monthly newspaper sent to the Designated REALTOR® in each office.

ORIENTATION COURSES.  The Association conducts bi-monthly Orientation courses for incoming members to provide information on the Association, its Bylaws, committee structure, programs, governance, the Multiple Listing Service and the NAR Code of Ethics.  Nonmember sales agents must complete this course and apply for membership before they can refer to themselves as REALTORS®.

PUBLIC RELATIONS.  The Association has a Public Relations Committee that works to project a favorable image of REALTORS® to the public.   In addition, the National and State associations both have full time public relations programs.

REALTOR® TRADEMARK.   Non‑members cannot associate themselves with this trademark or be called REALTORS®.  This proud title has come to be recognized by the public as real estate salesmen who are knowledgeable, competent, ethical and professional real estate agents.

MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE.  We have a successful MLS Service with an excellent inventory available upon joining.

FORMS.  MLS forms can be picked-up at the Association office or downloaded from the Association website wiregrassboardofrealtors.com for MLS/Association member use.


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